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Mia Valgranda


2021-11-02 11:45

Massimo Strumia

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Foliage is a very popular term in recent years but what exactly means? It indicates the leaves of the trees, before falling, take on splendid colors ranging fro

Foliage is a very popular term in recent years but what exactly means? It indicates the leaves of the trees, before falling, take on splendid colors ranging from yellow to red, with a gradation of shades and tones to leave breathless even the most refractory to the wonders of nature.

It's a period that lasts a few days. I was in Chialamberto on

the weekend of 23-24 October and there was still a lot of greenery, a situation that was not good for this kind of photography. A week later situation had changed radically and the colors of autumn in Val Grande were truly wonderful.

Unfortunately, the bad weather took care of breaking... the eggs in the basket. The sunlight can literally turn on and explode the autumn colors but in this case I had to face three days of almost uninterrupted rain.

To increase my disappointment for a wasted opportunity, yesterday afternoon, while I was drinking a coffee in a bar in Cantoira and about to come back to Brianza, I see a shy sun peeking out! I would have liked to have stayed one more day in Val Grande but it is not always possible to indulge one's wishes ...

In any case, I have taken some photos, always better than staying at home in an armchair!


What are the secrets to photograph the autumn foliage? I try to give three tips, as usual without thinking that they represent pure gold, simply dictated by my personal experience.

1) It may seem trivial but it is the most important advice of all ... be in Val Grande when autumn manifests itself in all its bursting beauty! It is also very important, especially in case of sunny weather, to try to take pictures in the first or last hours of the day when the light is not hard.

2) The spectacle of the foliage is superb but it is not always easy to reproduce it in the form of successful photographs. Study the composition and use a good tripod. In addition to solving any stability problem, the use of a tripod helps the study of the composition

and represents an incentive not to shoot hastily and a little haphazardly.

3) In landscape photography, wide-angle optics are used to increase the boundaries of the scene as much as possible. It is correct however the autumn colors also have some very interesting details. So try to use other types of optics (such as the classic 70-200 or 70-300) to better isolate some interesting details.

Autumn is my favorite season but now we 'enter ' winter, another season that promises to be fascinating especially if the snow is abundant.

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